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Realty Investing Group specializes in helping new and seasoned investors learn or perfect existing investing strategies or branch out into new niches within the vast array of real estate investing options. In the news, and on television, much is featured about flipping houses, but the buy and hold strategy that requires a good property manager can be very stable as a form of real estate growth. Additionally, an even less common investing strategy includes luxury realty. This is one that is often overlooked because of the nature and sheer dollar amount of the investments involved. Our investors, consultants, and others join together to learn from each other and network into new opportunities while assisting each other in a mastermind atmosphere. Additionally, many options exist for discovering how to find a good property management company that handles residential homes in California, such as Mountain View, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Orange County.


A wide variety of ways exist through which real estate investors can learn more about the business and learn new skills that would increase their effectiveness in the market. However, there are two major categories through which investors can learn about the business, which encompass all the other ways that could come to mind. The first is to learn as much as possible, through whatever means that is available, about local markets, deal structure financing of deals and other specific areas of the business of real estate investment. The other category is that which contains a single basic method: take what you have learned and then put it into practice.

While it might seem to a casual observer that both methods are very similar, they are actually quite different because no matter how much knowledge a person has acquired about anything, especially something as complex as real estate investment, if it is not put into practice, the person will not get very far, or indeed; anywhere in the business. So, in order to assist bidding or even experienced investors to make the transition from theory to practice, here are some hands- on tips that will help make real estate investment the business you want it to be:

Understand that there is no perfect deal – It is an unfortunate fact that a lot of real estate investors, regardless of the stage of the business at which they are, often sit on their hands and wait for the perfect deal to come along. You must let it sink deep into your mind that there is no such thin g as a perfect deal. Deals, along with all other things in life, always have their pros and cons, and along with other endeavors which a person will make, they have to be considered on the merits of the action, as opposed to the demerits, or risks. It is important to be very selective in the deals one undertakes, but it is also really important to take a leap of faith sometimes and just do something. The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes to take action. Be guided by data – In the real estate investment business, competition is rife and it is a real temptation to allow yourself be carried away by the desire to outdo your competitors. However, that is a sure path to failure and loss, because if you really want to make a success out of your real estate business, you must let yourself be guided by statistics and cold, hard facts. Check numbers, projections and other statistics that will give you an accurate picture of the prospects or pitfalls of any particular investment that you may be considering. Regardless of any personal attachment you might have formed to any property, you must be ready and willing to get up and walk away if the facts and figures show that it is unlikely to be a worthwhile investment.

Acknowledge the limits of your knowledge – It is a fact of life that you will come across situations where your knowledge will fall short. By its very nature, the real estate business is very diverse, with a lot of locations, factors, scenarios and formulas. It is not reasonable to expect any one person to be able to call all these points up by heart. If at any point in time, you find yourself unsure of anything, you must not be afraid or unwilling to admit and ask for clarification. Whether it is at a meeting with prospective investors or a homeowner who is considering selling a property. Trying to fumble your way past an inquiry will lose you respect, as opposed to honestly saying “I don’t know, but I will find out.”

Understand the way deals come together – It is one thing to know the business, and even to have the facilities in place to participate in it; however, it is much more important to be able to get the deals with which to put the knowledge and facilities to work. To a large extent, getting deals involves the interpersonal relations that you have forged over time. In order to ensure that you consistently get deals, you must make conscious efforts to increase your network of contacts and follow up on any discussions you have with them.

Lead the market – Becoming a market leader is one of the single best ways to put yourself in a better position than your competitors. If you have a particular interest in a particular niche in the real estate business, you should do your best to establish yourself as an authority in that field, making yourself the go-to man for any consultations or deals that relate to that area. Several avenues exist by which you could do this, from writing articles about it on your blog, writing a book to talking about it at networking events.

And finally, once you have begun the process of delving into investing in real estate, there are some principles of wealth preservation and protection that must be kept in mind. For example, if you have rental properties, these properties can become vulnerable to lawsuits and other liability issues. For example, if you do not have landlord rental home owner's insurance policies, then you are opening yourselves up to a vulnerable position. If you fail to maintain the property or somehow a person is injured while on property which you own, they can sue you for negligence under premises liability law. We knew of one gal who hired a car accident lawyer after having been in a serious auto accident. The process of obtaining money for her injuries and loss of quality of life from her permanent injuries, she received a substantial cash settlement of $350,000. She invested this money into real estate and was able to turn this investment into something that she could leave as a legacy to her children. But if she did not protect her investment, she would be acting with financial recklessness.

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